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Welcome to Laughing Chicken Farm!
We are a small family-owned farm in North Central Florida that raises pasture-based meats. We love to meet new friends, so feel free to contact us!

Bill and Robin Popp
Our Farm
Our vision is to raise happy livestock the way God intended: with fresh grass, natural grains and minerals, and lots of sunshine. We give our animals the best so they can give us the best. On Laughing Chicken Farm, the chickens really do laugh.
We Live Here, We Grow Here, We Sell Here!
Laughing Chicken Farm grows and sells its products locally.

Our products are sold at the Alachua County Farmer's Market in North Gainesville. The ACFM is located at the major intersection of US 441 and SR 121. The times are 8:30AM to 1:00PM Saturday mornings. We hope to see you there!

We are also selling at the Haile Village Center at Haile Plantation in Southwestern Gainesville. The times are Saturdays from 8:30 AM to Noon.

As the popularity of our products grows, more and more of you are discovering "shopping" at the farm. Some of the advantages are:
1)You have the opportunity to purchase fresh not frozen meats.
2)You don't have to wait until market day to stock up.
3)You get first choice of all the products (what doesn't sell at the farm goes to market)
4)You can purchase any quantity you wish at the farm. There is no limit on our free range eggs.
Visiting the Laughing Chicken Farm
IMPORTANT! Due to the amount of work that takes place on the farm every day; farm visits are by appointments only! No Exceptions! Unlike factory style poultry farms, we love to have visitors come and see us. We have nothing to hide, in fact several farmers have visited us to learn the style of rotational grazing that we use. But we have to give Joel Salatin of the Polyface Farm in Virginia, the credit for first helping us!
There are couple of things you will need to do before coming out though. The first is to email us and let us know who you are, how many people are in your party, and when you would like to visit.
The State of Florida just passed an Agritourism law that became effective on July 1st, 2013 that releases farmers from liability if a farm visitor is injured on the farm. This is the second requirement. All visitors must read, sign and date the release form below. If you are bringing a group like the Cub Scouts or a homeschool group, We need a completed form from each person attending including a parent's signature for their child in that group.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but Florida law now requires us to do so.
Release Form
Laughing Chicken Farm has been featured in the Gainesville Examiner! Writer Daniel Eddy tried our chicken roasted and paired with several selections of Chardonnay. He did a wonderful job! A free-range roast chicken and Chardonnay pairing comparison
Daniel has written another fine article about our chicken. Laughing Chicken and Amarone for Christmas Dinner 2010
...And yet another article (Thank you Daniel) Laughing Chicken roasted leg quarters and Vega Sindoa El Chapparal Garnacha
Thanks Daniel, this becoming a habit...a pleasant one I must admit :) Laughing Chicken Farm for the conscientious carnivore locavore
Thanks to Kimberly Howard of GTN TV in Gainesville for an informative interview and funny video about our Thanksgiving 2011 turkeys. Watch our turkeys on TV!

We do not process our products in a permitted facility, and according to current government guidelines we must sell our products as pet food, not for human comsumption.
We currently hold a Florida Dept. of Agriculture Master Feed Distributor License (#1533).

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