Links to Our Friends
The Art of Robin Popp
Original paintings by Robin Popp
Food Inc. Movie
We would like to recommend a very eye opening movie. The title is "FOOD INC." If you have no idea where your food is coming from, or how it is produced, or how livestock is treated...please rent the DVD.
You will be absolutely amazed at what ends up on our store shelves and sold as food. I believe it will be aired on PBS stations sometime in 2010. You can also learn much more from their website:
Joel Salatin & Polyface Inc.
One man inspired our journey to pursue producing clean food while healing our land. Joel Salatin from Polyface Farm Inc., while not the inventor, is a pioneer in the pasture based/grass fed movement. We had the privilege of partaking in an intensive 2 day stay on Joel's farm where we learned many new ideas that are not in his many books. What inspired us the most was when he said, "90% of the folks studying this will never even start. I want you to leave and do something...just start!". Upon returning home we built our brooder, ordered 100 Cornish cross chicks and the rest is history. Check out this link for a real wealth of knowledge.
Chef Maii Groff
Maii Groff, a Private Chef located in Florida.
With today's fast paced lifestyle, a little help in the kitchen is a welcome idea.
Since we are also seeing and feeling the repercussions of fast foods and processed foods all around us, making better meal choices is becomiing imperative.
Let Chef Maii Groff tell you about her Weekly Chef Service. She has the perfect answer to the question, "what's for dinner?"
Florida Fresh Meat Company
Finally an affordable, local source for 100% organic, grass fed beef. Visit their website for their farmers market schedule.
Cross Bones Adventures
For the thrill of a lifetime, try a wild boar hunt with our personal friends at Cross Bones Adventures in North Florida. Affordable and absolutely heart pounding adventure!

We do not process our products in a permitted facility, and according to current government guidelines we must sell our products as pet food, not for human comsumption.
We currently hold a Florida Dept. of Agriculture Master Feed Distributor License (#1533).

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