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IMPORTANT: We hold orders until 10:30AM at the farmers market unless prior arrangements are made. Please let us know if you cannot meet that time frame. If your order is not picked up by that time it will offered for sale to the next customer.

All of our products are available at the Alachua County Farmer's Market.

Alachua County Farmer's Market
(Saturdays 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM)
US 441 and SR 121
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Our Products
EGGS: We do not wash, refrigerate or grade our eggs. The United States is one of a handful of countries that require eggs to be washed and refrigerated. The rest of the world doesn't require this.

MEAT PRODUCTS: All of our animals are humanely and ethically harvested and processed on our farm and not in a USDA inspected facility. We sell directly to the consumer. According to the USDA, there has never been an instance of food borne illness resulting from a farm to consumer product since records have been kept.

Below is a list of our products and prices! If you would like to be placed on our mailing list please email us. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or for more information on what is available!

Small ($4.00 per dz.)
Regular ($5.00 per dz.)
Jumbo ($6.00 per dz.)

PORK SHARES, a new, economical way to buy our pork.
Here's how it works:
Laughing Chicken Farm
2021 Pork Shares Program

Due to ever changing food regulations, we will no longer be selling individual packages of pork products. To comply with current rules we are required to sell our pasture raised pork in 1/4 hog portions(4 shares per hog). There will still be all the usual cuts and sausages. But each share will be in the 25 to 30 pound range, consisting of the cuts you choose.

The way it works: We will offer up to 4 shares per hog. You may purchase any amount of shares and are offered on a first come first served basis. We will require a $50.00 deposit at the time you place your order. Shares prices at this time will be $250.00/share. The balance due at pick up would be $200.00 after deducting your $50.00 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. In essence, you will own one share of this animal and we will process, package and freeze your share for you at no additional cost. Another benefit of porkshares is a financial one. Since the price is fixed(currently $250.00 per share) the cost per cut is considerably less than by us selling individual cuts to you. We are also offering free local delivery. Feel free to have your family and friends share the cost of your share but it will owned and sold to the person who buys the share. Current regulations require us to have your name and contact info with each order. We will do our best to give you the cuts you want, but the first share sold will have the best choices.

Cuts offered: roasts, chops, ribs, belly(where bacon comes from), and bones for stock.

Sausages: Andouille links, Grandma's Secret Recipe links, Polish links, Mild Italian links, Breakfast pan style, and Ground Unseasoned pork.

Each share weight will vary but will be no less than 25 lbs. per share, although it will be over 25 lbs. per share at times as weights vary per animal.

Thank you for bearing with us as things seem to change almost daily. This is the same pork that you have enjoyed for years, just a different way of selling it. As you can see from the individual prices per pack (below) the savings are considerable.

FOREST RAISED PORK (When available)
Lean ground pork $10.00/lb.
Sausage: Pan style, Fennel(Italian) style or Sage(breakfast) style $12.00/lb.
Sausage Links: English Bangers, Polish Kielbasa, Bratwurst $14.00 per pound
Shanks, $6.00 per pound
Bones for stock $3.00/lb.
Loin and rib chops $12.00 per pound
Ribs $8.00 per pound
Roasts $8.00 per pound
Fresh uncured, unsmoked slab bacon(no added sodium) $6.00 per pound
Pure Rendered Lard, 1 pint jar $8.00 per pint, keep frozen

We do not process our products in a permitted facility, and according to current government guidelines we must sell our products as pet food, not for human comsumption.
We currently hold a Florida Dept. of Agriculture Master Feed Distributor License (#1533).

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